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yum. what did you get for yourself?
I wonder what the calorie count difference is between regular chocolate and vegan chocolate. They might just use something else with a lot of calories in replace of the milk. For example, Babycakes vegan cupcakes have the same if not more calories than regular cupcakes that are not vegan. They use coconut oil which is FULL of calories :( (here's the link to the nutritional information
That's not the case with Chuao chocolate in my experience. For example the Spicy Maya bars are pretty darn large and have 400 calories and 4 grams of fat.
oo..sounds good! and do they taste like "normal" non-vegan chocolate?
It tastes like the fantastic dark chocolate it is. :)
How fun that I just googled "chuao chocolate vegan" b'c I want to get their Groupon, and up popped this link! It's fun b'c I follow you on Twitter and whenever I see your posts they're always interesting and/or entertaining!

Thx for the tip about Chuao - gonna buy the Groupon now!

Thanks Kimmi :)