Hacker News is best experienced on Flipboard

YC's Hacker News site somehow always finds a way into my daily routine. The RSS feed is pumped into my Google Reader, but the experience is less than ideal for news consumption. I know everyone likes to talk about Flipboard's social news prowess, but I find the iPad app to be ideal for individual sources (like HN) as well. Of course diehard HN readers will always prefer the HN web site where they can participate in sometimes entertaining comment threads, but I just find the user-generated news aggregator really comes to life in this format.

(Now if only you could rotate iPad screenshots!)
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Ah! But you can rotate iPad screen shots! I use the Adobe Photoshop Express app for it. iTunes link: http://lnkdby.me/bhlUyn

It's a simple editor and nowhere near like real Photoshop, but it works great for things like this.

I wish Flipboard had my6sense's "Digital Intuition"... Because my6sense seems to be completely ignoring the fact that the iPad even exists.
Agreed. It does seem like my6sense would be best on the iPad. 
I've tried emailing them, asking them on Twitter about it, asking Louis Gray, and everybody either doesn't reply or just blows me off. I refuse to run iPhone apps in stretched/blurry mode on my iPad.
What's the use of my6sense? I've not heard of them before.
Jason, thanks for following up re: my6sense. We're not ignoring iPad by any means. The team is small, and we always talk about our priorities, so we're not leaving any important groups out. We absolutely see value in iPad, and expect to have something there. I'm just not comfortable giving a date.

Sorry if it seems we're ignoring it. Trust me, my iPads need my6sense digital intuition.