I made Mashable... as a story :P

Video is from my segment on NBC San Diego this morning.

Make sure to read Adam's write up on Mashable (click the via link). It's the first time I've been featured as a story, which is a nice change to the status quo. :)

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It seem that you're nervous. I can see your legs move alot. I hate to say but I like your legs :P
I actually wasn't nervous... natural tendencies kicking in
Awesome!!! Well done report
(and congratulations on both the NBC segment, and being a Mashable story)
You fuckin rocked that shit! ... just sayin. Kick ass
Good job
Nice work!
#NoMorePieCharts Jenn, great segment. Good info on how Huffington used Twitter Lists for the World Series. The only negative for me was the pie chart. Jenn, Pie is for desert - http://www.perceptualedge.com/articles/08-21-07.pdf
I finally had a chance to watch this clip - my only criticism: they need you on there longer! I would have much preferred more airtime on what you were talking about than whatever trivial babble they had on later. Great job.
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