Dennis Crowley on Foursquare, Bravo TV, and Yelp [NBC San Diego Segment]

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From the write up of the interview:

Foursquare co-creator/founder Dennis Crowley, who just announced the Bravo partnership Monday, joined local blogger Jenn Van Grove via Skype Tuesday to talk about the service and a major new primetime relationship that will expose the game to millions.

“It’s a big deal for us because we’ve kind of been the darling of the tech scene,” said Crowley. “I think the best thing for a tech start up is to break out and hit the mainstream audience. I think Bravo is really going to be able to help us with that.”

Personalities from Bravo’s reality shows -- Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives, Shear Genius, Kell on Earth among others -- will offer tips on what they love about local check-in spots.

All this primetime attention may worry some Foursquare users who like the fact that it’s still possible to earn the mayorship at many spots but Van Grove thinks this is positive move.

By offering its advertisers Foursquare tie-ins, Bravo could ultimately help create more discounts for mayorships at restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

“Something that saves you money is going to be a net positive,” said Van Grove.

“The Bravo deal has the potential to take it to a whole new audience which is exciting for the company but I don’t see Foursquare making decisions that will alienate their core user base,” she said. “If anything, it will add contextual information about the fun things to do in your city.”