2013 and my next chapter (aka I got a new job)

Tomorrow I start an exciting new position with CNET where I'll take the lead on social coverage. 


I couldn't be more thrilled to start 2013 off with a new post at such a renowned media organization, and to work with people I consider great talents. It's the type of dramatic change that seems scripted: working for CNET will define the new year and alter my life as I know it. 


The job is also a year in the making. It all started last January at DLD, where I met Jim Lanzone, president of CBS Interactive. We had a conversation, at a lounge in the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich, that turned into an hours-long discussion on everything from web topics to life matters. The chat stuck with me and eventually led me to CNET.


Saying goodbye to VentureBeat is bittersweet. I've enjoyed working alongside executive editor Dylan Tweney who has taught me many valuable lessons in the past 13 months. Under his tutelage, I learned to love the nut graph. I'm also extremely fond of many of my VentureBeat coworkers, several of whom I consider friends and important voices on the Internet. 


But 2013 is my fresh start. It's a completely new beginning, in part because of personal matters best discussed over cocktails. And there will be plenty of time for cocktails. I'm closing my first week with CNET at CES in Las Vegas, for instance. 


Plus, it's only a partial coincidence that I'll once again get to call my dear friend Ben Parr a colleague. Hooray for coincidences and life-altering moments.


So here's to my next chapter, one that I hope you'll write with me.


Psst: I'm collecting some of my best stories and saving them to this Pinterest board.