The 15 Worst-Dressed Men of Silicon Valley

9. Howard Stringer

Position: Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Corp.

Style Sins: "Where's dad?"
"He went fishing."
"But there's no lake around."
"Well, he looked like he was going fishing.


It's a brutal but hilarious look at the men of Silicon Valley (click through to read the whole thing). What makes it even funnier is that I know many of these guys -- oh hi there Dennis & Seth.

Apparently, GQ doesn't dig the laid back t-shirt & jean style of today's hip entreprenuer.

My Interview with Michael C. Hall at Comic Con

With my trusty iPhone 4 (while surrounded by TV reporters with professional equipment), I managed to interview Michael C. Hall at the Dexter Slice of Life party at Comic Con.

Mashable has a video crew/setup in New York, but I was flying solo in SD & I had hoped that we could do the interview in a quiet setting via Photobooth on my Mac (so much more professional, I know!).

Still, it was a make it work moment -- and I made it work.