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But there's nothing in flash range there....
there's no light right now ... without flash this photo would like drastically different
It would be interesting to see the difference: with and without flash photos.
Cool. Like your vid segment on the overview of the phone + your love message. Man - wish I was your iPhone :-p
Flash drops off after just a few feet, so there's likely no benefit from having it turned on for distance photos. Basically anything beyond 10 feet isn't going to be affected by your little flash.
Technically speak you are all right. Flash drops off exponentially in proportion to distance, so having the flash on does not directly help for distance shots. That being said, telling the camera that you need to use a flash also has an effect. The iPhone, as well as most good cameras adjusts it's sensitivity to light, and thus optimizes itself to low light conditions. I hope that clears things up.