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It was a good interview considering you had two minutes to describe something that's not available to review yet firsthand.
Jenn, I've been following this. I think the issue here, is that where they may have scored big with Android (it will get there!), trying to own the set-top-box is just adding further to the already fragmented digital living room. And do we really need another box with a NetFlix partnership! I think the future may sit with set top box companies like Moto and CISCO who already have all the relationships with the cable and telco companies. Not as exciting -- but you mention gaming -- and that's where companies that are looking to stream games are putting their eggs these days. Will be interesting to see how this plays out!
Great comment Eric. I really don't want yet another box, but it would be cool to browse the web and stream online videos.
I will tell you what, out of the box, the AppleTV is what it is: an experiment. But once you hack it (I was skiing with John Biggs/CrunchGear in Austria over the holidays and he converted me to the gospel of the AppleTV) it's a hell of a thing. Boxie, all video formats, safari browser, FTP access for side loading content, and of course all your existing iTunes content. Plus it's real pretty!
I know what you mean. I love my AppleTV, I just hate having to re-jailbreak it every time there's an update ... a little frustrated with Apple that they don't take their niche product more seriously.