MTV stops pretending it's "music television"

Oldmtv Newmtv

Is it a surprise to anyone actually watching MTV that the network on Monday quietly dropped "Music Television" from its logo? Probably not. It's a wonder that anyone even noticed the difference.

But a difference there is. For the first time in the network's 29-year history, MTV has decided to give the channel's iconic logo a face-lift.

This has been years in the making, but it's still an interesting maneuver nonetheless. Unfortunately, it can only mean more shows about pregnant teens and loser boyfriends ...and maybe a little more Jersey Shore. ;)

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"Music Television" under the logo will be replaced with "Jersey Shore" and MTV will slowly transition into showing Jersey Shore 24 hours a day. They will have a Jersey Shore TRL hosted by The Situation where all they play is clips from the show and close ups on his abs. "Teen Mom" will be replaced with "Jwoww Got Knocked Up". Ronnie will kill a guy in a fight over a drink at a bar in 2011. His Prison Reality Show / Work Out program will see record ratings. Snookie's spin off dating show will be blamed for creating a super hybrid STD that takes out half the population of New Jersey. We need to accept and embrace this change. It's for the best.