On Change & 2,262 Mashable Posts

My time with Mashable has come to an end, and tomorrow I embark on an exciting new adventure.

Change is inevitable, but it's also hard. I have an exciting future ahead of me, this I know, but right now I'm completely absorbed in the memories of the past three years of my life. 

You see, from the end of November 2008 until this evening, my life has been defined by one thing: Mashable. 

Boyfriends and romances have come and gone, childhood pets have passed away, countless startups have launched only to be subsequently acquired, and even my location has been ever-changing. Mashable has been the one constant during this defining period of my life, and it's allowed me to do what I love -- tell stories that matter -- day in and day out, and find myself in the process.

When I was much younger, I used to think about the future and fantasize about the possibilities. Today, I live in the present tense, grateful for every moment. Much of this self-awareness can be attributed to Mashable and the invaluable things I've learned about myself while growing up with the organization. And 2,262 posts later, I know that I'm doing what I was born to do.

Mashable has great things on horizon. So too do I. It's hard to say goodbye, but I take strange comfort in pushing myself outside of what's comfortable. I'm ready to take a leap in the direction of the unknown. It's an act of bravery (did I mention that I'm terrified of change?) that I believe will help me grow as a writer and person.

I hope you'll stay tuned.

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Youvdid a grat job, Jen. Looking forward to what is next.
Well done, Jenn! Will look forward to your next adventures, which are sure to be marvelous.
Thanks Scott! I've really enjoyed reporting on Ford and getting the scoop straight from the source (ie. you and Scott Kelly). I look forward to hearing more about what Ford is up to in the very near future. :)
Good luck! Change is for good! Hope you keep with the good habit of writing! Success!
I will miss you @mashable, but I will find you at the next stop:-) Lots of good luck.
Best of luck. I will be watching to see where your star lands
why your last? what will you be doing now/next? You did a great job
Congrats Jenn....Change is good!
Wow, good luck! I just referenced your Instagram reporting. Lemme know if you prefer links here or somewherez else. http://wp.me/p1UhOK-26
Congratulations! Always one of my favorite writers on Mashable, and I'm sure you'll be a favorite on your next
Has it only been 3 years? Jenn, you have always been one of my favorite Mashable writers and I look forward to reading your stuff in whatever form or media you decide to do next...can you give us a hint? (podcasting, vlog, or ????) Cheers, Egbert
I always looked for your by-line on Mashable for interesting stories well written. I'll now do the same on Venture Beat. All the best, Maitre d' Malone. ps let me know if you want to get into The Birdcage this summer in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. The Birdcage is the uber exclusive enclave for the tech savvy 40 and under royal set.
Congrats on the new job!
Congratulations Jenn! Looking forward to seeing what is next for you. Keep your shades on, the future is bright.
I like your way of thinking. This is only the beginning.
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