Seriously Southwest?!? Thought you were the good guys #fail

It seems as though there’s a new airline fee practically every day. Today’s comes courtesy of Southwest, which now charges $10 for “EarlyBird” check-in, that is, the right to stake out your unassigned seat right after members of the airline’s Business Select and Rapid Rewards A-List programs. And for a carrier that based an entire marketing campaign around its lack of fees, it represents a surprising (and disappointing) change of heart.

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It's that bad as long as the fees stop here (prob won't). It's $10 so I don't have to refresh constantly 24h before my flight.
**NOT** that bad...
I'm undecided on this one. I don't really think it's that big of a deal. To me, this seems like the option to pay a fee to drive in an HOA (commuter) land on the freeway. If you're ante-ing up for the business class seat, then you should be able to pick your seat first. If I score on the cheap web deals, I think paying $10 so I don't have to watch the clock for the exact SECOND I'm eligible for check-in isn't such a bad idea.
While $10 is not outlandish, it's a shame SW has gone down this road. They've always been the ultimate no-frills airline and their rep. has carried them far, but this may open a floodgate.
I haven't been on Southwest for a while. *shurg*
couldn't agree more. a bad move for the brand.