Dennis Crowley on Foursquare, Bravo TV, and Yelp [NBC San Diego Segment]

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From the write up of the interview:

Foursquare co-creator/founder Dennis Crowley, who just announced the Bravo partnership Monday, joined local blogger Jenn Van Grove via Skype Tuesday to talk about the service and a major new primetime relationship that will expose the game to millions.

“It’s a big deal for us because we’ve kind of been the darling of the tech scene,” said Crowley. “I think the best thing for a tech start up is to break out and hit the mainstream audience. I think Bravo is really going to be able to help us with that.”

Personalities from Bravo’s reality shows -- Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives, Shear Genius, Kell on Earth among others -- will offer tips on what they love about local check-in spots.

All this primetime attention may worry some Foursquare users who like the fact that it’s still possible to earn the mayorship at many spots but Van Grove thinks this is positive move.

By offering its advertisers Foursquare tie-ins, Bravo could ultimately help create more discounts for mayorships at restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

“Something that saves you money is going to be a net positive,” said Van Grove.

“The Bravo deal has the potential to take it to a whole new audience which is exciting for the company but I don’t see Foursquare making decisions that will alienate their core user base,” she said. “If anything, it will add contextual information about the fun things to do in your city.”

The Untold Story of Fondwa [NBC San Diego segment]

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Most have never heard of Fondwa, a poor rural community two hours outside of Port Au Prince. Located near the epicenter of the earthquake that struck Haiti, Fondwa was completely decimated and at least 25 people have been confirmed dead.

Allison DePasquale who works for the University of Fondwa -- which was destroyed in its entirely -- joined me via Skype this morning to tell the lesser known story of the impoverished community before and after the earthquake, and how you can help support them.

- University of Fondwa Facebook Page
- Road to Fondwa documentary
- NBC San Diego write up

From the UNIF Facebook Page:

"We have lost about 25 people in Fondwa including a member of the Sisters of St. Anthony of Fondwa: Sr. Odile Damus and a child of 2 years from the Fondwa Orphanage: Jude Dubic. They both died at the APF Guest Center which have been destroyed completely. Everything in Fondwa has gone. The infrastructure that we have built in 22 years: the Orphanage, the School, the APF Center, the Clinic, the Radio Station ( Radyo Zetwal ) the Sisters' Convent, the buildings of the University of Fondwa ( 7 of them). Everything has gone. The epi-center of the earthquake was in Fondwa, between Leogane and Jacmel. The big building of Pastor Luc Guerrier has gone. The Roman Catholic Church in Fondwa has gone also. The Church of Philadelphie ( a Protestant Church) has gone with about 15 young people under the concrete blocs. The Spiritan have lost one Seminarian, Stephane Douge who died with 12 other Seminarians ( Oblates, Montfortans ) at CIFOR. CIFOR ( a theological school for religious in Port-au-Prince) is gone completely. The Cathedral of Port-au-Prince has gone also. The Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, Mgr. Joseph Serge Miot died and will be buried on Saturday January 24. A big part of St. Martial College has gone, specially the Elementary Section which was also used as the Spiritan Pre-Noviciate House. All of the buildings of St. Martial are damaged a lot. Our spiritan house in Senghor where I live with Fr. Patrick Eugene is seriously damaged. Our court-yard is used actually as a Refugee Center for about 200 victims of the earthquake. The other Spiritans are Ok. Fonkoze has lost 3 employees - one Branch ( Bizoton near Port-au-Prince) has gone and 6 other branches very damaged. The Central Office and the Port-au-Prince branch are among them. But the rest of us are alive and are in strongly in solidarity with the rest of the Country. Together, we can rebuild Fondwa and Haiti.

If you are interested in assisting APF or UNIF at this time, it would be best to donate financial resources due to the many infrastructural and procedural obstacles that prevent aid from reaching Fondwa."

MyFord Touch and the Next Gen Connected Car [NBC Segment]

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From the full article:

"We're finally seeing Internet connectivity come to our vehicles so it's not just being able to connect to the web, it's being able to browse the web with multiple tabs. It's even turning our cars to WiFi hotspot so our passengers can connect to the web as well," said Jenn Van Grove, associate editor with Mashable. [hey that's me ;) ]

The system will allow the driver to tag songs by pushing a button on the radio display. When the ride is done, you’ll be able to sync the playlist of tagged songs to your iPod so you can buy them from the iTunes store.

As for safety, the browser can only be used in park. It's also text to audio so it can talk back to the driver.

How Super is Google's "Superphone"? [NBC Segment]

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More specs and facts on the Nexus One:

  • thinner than #2 pencil, lighter than a Swiss army knife (thinner/lighter than iPhone)
  • 7 hr 3G talk time
  • 4 GB, expandable to 32GB
  • runs Android 2.1
  • Voice enabled keyboard so all text fields are voice enabled
  • Supports Facebook contact sync with your address book, and photo sync with Picasa web
  • The Photo/Video galleries were designed by Cooliris
  • interactive wallpapers
  • active noise cancellation (2 microphones)
  • sold ONLY online, not in stores... consumers can buy the phone from Google's hosted web store unlocked for $529, or with a T Mobile contact for $179
  • coming to Verizon Wireless and Vodofone in Spring 2010
  • it will NOT be advertised on TV
  • it will support Flash 10.1 in the future