Saying Goodbye To the Apartment in the Sky

As much I so desperately wanted to fall in love with San Francisco, my heart will always belong to San Diego. It's the city where I was born and raised, the place where I met my female soulmate and the locale I will always consider home.

I may travel to events and conferences across the U.S., but when I return home, I want to come home to San Diego.

That's not to say San Francisco wasn't good to me. I lived in a fabulous condo with breathtaking views in one of the city's most prestigious buildings, became besties with many of my San Francisco co-workers and got to attend a few killer press events and investor dinners. Still, I never quite felt settled in San Francisco.

I wrestled with the decision to move back to San Diego for a few months. After all, I made this big to-do about moving to San Francisco, and when I make commitments I like to see them through. The problem was that the longer I stayed in San Francisco, the more I felt like I was losing touch with the essence of me. Monday through Friday was easy enough -- there's certainly plenty of work to be done -- but Saturday and Sunday were a strange beast. My life seemed to lack purpose on the weekends.

It slowly dawned on me. I'm no spring chicken. I'm not some awestruck college kid looking for a big break. No, I'm fast-approaching 30 (gah!) and I'm rooted. I may not have kids or a significant other, but I have roots -- my foundation is in San Diego. Why I was so naive as to believe that I could say "adios" to the most significant things in my life, I will never know. Let's just call it professional optimism.

But Angie -- the soulmate I mentioned above -- is everything to me. Our relationship has always been more like a marriage (though entirely platonic) than a friendship. She's so tightly wrapped up in my purpose for being that moving away from her was excruciating.

Of course, there's always more to the story, but some details are only appropriate for conversations over cocktails. Suffice to say, nothing is changing other than I'm saying goodbye to the apartment in the sky and putting my feet back on solid ground in San Diego.

"The Mayor"

So THIS is the mayor of MY Pizza Fusion. First sighting and hopefully the last. I think my presence threatened him. Such a shame that I won't be here long enough to dethrone him. :(