I went on a Navy sub and all I got was this lousy hat ...

Photo taken by Angie Swartz

... and of course I'm being tongue in cheek.

Not only did I get the super awesome hat and other memorabilia, but I also solidified friendships with other local bloggers, and created some lifelong memories. I mean how many people get to spend the day on a fast-attack submarine?

Special thanks to Commodore Brett Genoble, Public Affairs Officer Denise Garcia, and Captain Bill Houston (he was such a character!) of the USS Hampton.

I'm a baking machine...

... thanks to my parents kitchen that is. 

Starting to think that my New Year's resolution should be to invest in appropriate kitchen ware so I can do this kind of baking at home. Still baking has evolved into something I quite enjoy, hence the photobooth action from the kitchen counter. ;)