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After seeing this, I was going to download one of these ringtone, but at the last moment, I lost my nerve. I don't really care what others think of me based on my ringtone, but I do care what I think of myself. So, I was ready to take the plunge, but in the end, Self Respect (notice the capital letters) won out...
:-) Jenn a very sympathic yahoo ringtone presentation, but I think I can live without this ringtones ;-) . Maybe you will do a Jenn ringtone once this for sure I would download :-).

With best regards from Austria
Ortwin Oberhauser

Hmm a Jenn ringtone...I have no idea what that would sound like, but I'll mule over it :)
:-) don't mule over it to long, just do it, let your creative energy flow and when it's done do a presentation for it like you did it for the yahoo ringtones, hi I think every second mobile will ring with the Jenn ringtone after that, hi :) just give it a try ;-)
Yahoo has a yodel?
(Have downloaded the bluegrass just for sheer ace-ness)