What Is Vegan Chicken?

Vegetarians and vegans have many options to choose from when craving a meat alternative. Vegan chicken, an imitation meat product designed to taste like poultry, is a popular vegan food. Vegan poultry can be made of a variety of ingredients, and is usually a healthier alternative to regular chicken products.

Imitation chicken has the same texture, and often the same flavor as regular poultry. The most common ingredient in vegan poultry is soy. Soy chicken can be flavored with a variety of other ingredients as well. These can include garlic, onion, dehydrated vegetables, herbs, and various leavening agents.

for my non vegan friends :)

trust me, it's quite tasty

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I feed my children soy sausage every morning. I don't have anything against real sausage but the soy stuff is good w/ less saturated fat
Soy sausage is really amazing. Soy bacon too. :)
It's really curious how many vegan products you can get nowadays, which taste almost the same as real meat. Of course real "veggies" say, it shouldn't, But not all of those who eat vegan are vegans out of love for animals, so it's okay if it helps them to get away from eating meat, I think.
I hope I can find soy sausage here. I asked one of the vegetarian restaurant if they are selling raw stuffs like - vegemeat, gluten, soya milk, etc.. I got the answer "NO" - WTH! .. I want to cook our food 'coz restaurants are commercialized and they use too much MSG.