Women Who Rock Social Media

Last year I created a list of 25 Women That Rock Social Media for 2010 which was well received and appreciated. Most of the women listed I’ve come to know through involvement in the Public Relations and Search Marketing industries and also through blogging.

Social Media

For 2011 I decided to create a similar list based almost entirely on recommendations from the 2010 participants. 18 of the original 25 responded, providing over 60 recommendations. Filtering and sorting that list of 60+ down to 25 was excruciating.  Those with multiple nominations took priority and other social participation factors and social media work were considered.  I also made it a requirement that each nominator would have at least one person they recommended included in this final list of 25.

Thanks to Lee Odden for including me on the list and thanks to Sarah Evans for nominating me.

As you'll see (definitely click through to read the full list), I'm in excellent company.

In this moment, I can't help but quote Beyonce: "Who run the world? Girls."